About Us

Located in the heart of downtown Sacramento, California, The Blue Ox is your one stop shop for quality workwear and apparel, delivering an extensive supply of classic brands that have been around for decades, provoking a sense of nostalgia. No matter the occasion, whether you want to dress up or down, dress for work or play, or dress for inside or outside, The Blue Ox has you covered.

The Blue Ox’s founder, Ibrahim Abukhdair, grew up immersed in both rural and urban lifestyles – along with being raised on a farm in the small town of Newcastle, California, where today, he continues to train horses and maintain the land, he also has deep roots in the city of Downtown Sacramento. Motivated by his upbringing, Ibrahim wanted to bring a blue collar type clothing store to a primarily white collar downtown area so that the entire community could have access to such high quality brands, and in 2018, The Blue Ox was born.



The meaning of the name “The Blue Ox” is tied to the active, working, blue collar individuals wearing the apparel offered in the store. The name was partially inspired by the American folklore legend, Paul Bunyan. He was a giant lumberjack – a rugged man who worked with his hands, wearing classic workwear – who was always accompanied by his trusty companion, a big blue ox named Babe. The name is further inspired by the blue collar workers who traditionally wear this type of clothing, with the color “blue” representing such workers blue collar status and the “ox” itself being a “working” cow. 


The Blue Ox is committed to providing durable, comfortable and stylish brands of clothing to the community of Sacramento that have stood the test of time and are unrivaled in their high quality and affordability.