What was rapper Macklemore doing in Sacramento on Easter weekend?

The Sacramento Bee ran a story covering the rapper Macklemore because he was seen around town. One of the places he was seen was the Blue Ox! Read more here:

Rapper Macklemore appears to have spent at least some of his Easter weekend in Sacramento, goofing off on a Jump scooter and visiting local apparel stores downtown.

The afternoon of Easter, Macklemore posted a video to the story on his own Instagram page, showing himself riding a Jump scooter down an empty sidewalk on 9th Street. A few hours later, he posted himself in a kitchen getting ready to eat ham.

The rapper, born Ben Haggerty, also showed up in an Instagram post by shoe store Kicx Unlimited on Friday and then in a post by Blue Ox on Saturday.

Macklemore is best known for his 2012 single, “Thrift Shop.” Neither of the aforementioned stores are thrift shops, for the record, but both are “Downtown,” another single he dropped in 2015.

Haggerty was born in Seattle, but has family in Modesto. He filmed a music video there in 2017 that included his grandma.

Macklemore at the Blue Ox



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